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Kat is your normal university student in Hope City. Except that she has a ghost from another world living inside her head. For profit and because it is the right thing to do, Kat hunts the monsters of Hope City. But without magic or otherworldly powers, will she be able to survive the competitive world of monster hunting?

Shadow Realm Cover Textless

August and September in the Katverse

It’s been a long time, Crusaders! August and September have been chock-a-block. I’ve been hard at working writing Shadow Realm, book 15 of the...

Kat Drummond: Third Collection and Shadow Realm Pre-Order

With the suspension of Warpmancer releases for the year after Conquest of the Defiant and Children of Empire are released (which have been expedited...
Post-Cataclysm Map Stylised

Map of the Post-Cataclysm

While the events of the Kat Drummond Series are centered around Hope City and Southern Africa, there is an entire world that formed after...
Suzanne T. Fortin and Nicholas Woode-Smith Audiobook banner

Interview with the Voice of Kat Drummond

Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to the upcoming audiobook of Part-Time Monster Hunter. I loved it! Not just because it's my story,...
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February 2022 Writing Update

February 2022 was a deceptively productive month for me, while not seeming like I got much done. While I didn't write or publish any...
Elves Leave Middle Earth

Elves of the Cataclysm

Beautiful. Wise. Mysterious. And, oh so alien. Elves have existed in many forms throughout human history and mythology. But as the Cataclysm revealed, only...

Werewolves & Wizardry Out Now

Werewolves & Wizardry, book 14.5 of the Kat Drummond Series and the 16th book overall in the Katverse, is out now on Amazon and...
Magic Spark Weylines Wizard

In Between: The Void Between Worlds

“An unfathomable, grey void, inhabited by the dead, the cosmic and the unknowable.” - That is how a surviving riftborne human from the distant...

2022: Writing, Warpmancer and the Katverse

2021 has been a hard year on all of us. Rather than being a respite from the events of 2020, in many parts of...
Urban Fantasy in Dark Fantasy Wombo Dream AI

What happens when an AI Generates Katverse Art?

Hey all you mages, Crusaders and AI observers! Last week I took a break from editing Werewolves & Wizardry to help with a move. During...