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The Titan Awakes textless

Titan Awakes Pre-Order and Giveaway

The time has finally come! The Titan Awakes has an official pre-order date. On June 13th, the final Kat Drummond book will be hitting...
AI Artificial Intelligence

AI: The Death of Art?

Since the beginning of this year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone from a topic mostly found in science fiction to an exciting, or even...
Dead World Textless Cover

Fantastical February for the Katverse

It’s time for an update on my writing and the Katverse! My last update confessed to losing my way just a bit with a...

2023: Getting Back on Track

If you follow me on social media or are subscribed to my newsletter, you may have read about my plans to delay the release...
The Titan Awakes Cover Textless

Plans for 2023

My apologies for my relative absence in 2023! It’s been a rough few months for myself and my country and I haven’t been as...

Avathor: The Land of Knightly Things

This article on Avathor contains spoilers for Dead World, book 7 of the Kat Drummond Series. The In Between contains countless realms, containing even more...
The Titan Awakes Cover Textless

The Titan Awakes: The Final Kat Drummond Book

Shadow Realm has been released and I hope you are enjoying Kat's brutal trek across the world. The end is in sight for our comrades....
Shadow Realm Cover Textless

Shadow Realm Out Now!

The 15th and penultimate Kat Drummond Book is out now! Shadow Realm is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Shadow Realm Make sure to pick...
A Hope City Halloween

A Hope City Halloween!

Surprise! I've been working in secret these past few days to write a spook-tacular Halloween short story for you. A Hope City Halloween is...
Urban Fantasy Around the World

Urban Fantasy Around the World: Nine Stellar UF Books

For only ONE week, you can pick up a variety of amazing urban fantasy novels for only 99c or even FREE. On top of...