Cindy Giles 1 Pure Power

The Order teaches that we only need the light to keep the darkness at bay…

But a whole lot of bullets and magic sure does help.

My name is Cindy Giles. I’m a healer at the illustrious and perpetually pure Order of Heiligslicht. I save lives. A lot of lives.

But not the ones that count.

It shouldn’t be enough to patch up wounds, banish curses, and tell the families that their loved ones didn’t make it.

I want to stop the pain at the source. Which means, I’ve got to go slay some monsters.

And when one such monster takes away the closest person to me…

Well, now it’s personal.

My name is Cindy Giles. Purifier of Heiligslicht. And I will banish the darkness of this world.

Pure Power is book 1 in the action-packed and magic-filled Cindy Giles Trilogy, a new addition in the epic urban fantasy Katverse. This series is set before the events of the Kat Drummond Series and is a great intro to the Katverse.

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Releasing on the 15th of August 2023.

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