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New Katverse Reading Order & Plans for 2024


Happy New Year! I hope your final days of 2023 were relaxing and fun, and that your 2024 is off to a great start.

As you may have noticed, we have a brand new official reading order for the Katverse. This awesome, responsive web page allows readers to check the advised reading order for the universe, and even filter which series they want included.

I’ll be adding more to this as the universe grows, so this is the best place to keep up with all the books in the Katverse.

You can check out the reading order here!

Plans for 2024

I’m hard at work finishing up Pure Prophecy for its February 1st release date. That will conclude the Cindy Giles Trilogy, and this phase of the Katverse.

I will then be returning to the Warpmancer Saga, with Fall of Zona Nox being re-released on March 1st.

Book 2, Rise of the Defiant, will be launching at the end of that month, on March 31st.

Book 3, Children of Empire, will be out on May 1st.

Next, book 4, Conquest of the Defiant, is out on the 31st of May. This will be the last of the re-releases but will experience editing and changes from its first edition, as I felt I rushed it last time.

Book 5, Fall of Terra, is out on July 1st and will be a brand new, never before seen book.

The same goes for book 6, the final book. Aptly named, The Promised End. It will be out on July 31st.

After I’ve finished the Warpmancer Saga, I will be conducting a lot of research. Doing some soul searching. All that creative stuff. Depending on my research, the success of the Katverse and Warpmancer, and all that jazz, I will be continuing in one of the aforementioned universes, or trying out a new one.

Until then…

The Hunt Continues!


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