Kat is your normal university student in Hope City. Except that she has a ghost from another world living inside her head. For profit and because it is the right thing to do, Kat hunts the monsters of Hope City. But without magic or otherworldly powers, will she be able to survive the competitive world of monster hunting?

Adamastor The Titan Under the Mountain

Adamastor: The Titan Under the Mountain

“Even as I spoke, an immense shape Materialised in the night air, Grotesque and enormous stature With heavy jowls, and an unkempt beard Scowling from shrunken, hollow eyes Its...
Magic Weyline Wizard Cataclysm

Weylines: Magic of the Cataclysm

Magic flows through the world. Even before the Cataclysm, and before the Vortex sparked massive flows of magical energy on Earth, there existed a...