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Weylines: Magic of the Cataclysm


Magic flows through the world. Even before the Cataclysm, and before the Vortex sparked massive flows of magical energy on Earth, there existed a sense of magic in all things. The flow of this magic, named after the Sintari word for magic (Wey), became weylines.

Weylines are crucial to understanding magic in the world of the Kat Drummond Series. They are the source of power for not only wizards, but also serve as energy for many creatures. It is clear from the books and other articles how weylines are channeled to feed wizardry, but not much has been said about how weylines form in the first place.

The essence of weylines can be divided into three categories: power, flow and purity.


The power of the weyline measures how much magical energy exists within a geographical location. This power is determined by a few factors.

  • Proximity to places of power (such as the Vortex, the Titan under the Mountain, and Mt Olympus).
  • A history of use. Weylines can be strengthened by repeated use. Like exercising the environment.
  • And how recently the weyline has been used.

Weylines are renewable, but their power takes time to recharge. Think of places of power as the source of magical energy. On post-Cataclysmic Earth, most weylines originate from the Vortex in Siberia, but some also originate in other places of power that pre-date the Cataclysm, such as Table Mountain, due to the imprisoned Adamastor. Places of power can also be created through intense ritual and cosmic events; which scholars still do not fully understand.

Places of power feed weylines their magic, and wizards who use the magic drain it through its use. Like a bucket of water being drunk from, while it is also being filled up again from a tap.

Wizards using a weyline also strengthen this bucket, however, by stretching its capacity and exercising its uses. So, places with many wizards tend to become stronger weylines in time.


To continue comparing magic to water: if weylines are the bucket or a lake, and places of power are the tap, then there needs to be a flow connecting them. This flow represents the distance and obstacles between a source of magic and the destination weyline. Weylines with many obstacles also reduce the capacity of a weyline.

Distance is easier to understand. The further from the Vortex you are, the harder it is to channel the Vortexes magic. But natural and manmade barriers also have a role in inhibiting and directing the flow of magic.

Natural flows, like rivers, can carry weyline energy. The Nile river, for instance, carries large quantities of magic to its adjacent weylines.

In urban centres, large buildings and slums can block weyline flow. This is why the slums surrounding Hope City tend to have weak weylines despite their proximity to the Titan.

In creating an environment where magic can flow freely and empower weylines, it is important to keep in mind natural barriers, natural transit points (like rivers) but also the principles of Feng Shui.

Feng shui and other arts of shaping our environments help magical energy flow easier, increasing the flow of magic within a weyline and out of it.

Some greedy wizards don’t want to share, of course, and it is a valid strategy to block off access to places of power through intentionally violating the principles of Feng Shui. The Three Point Line in the State of Good Hope intentionally blocks weyline flow into the neighbouring Zulu Empire. A matter of contention between the states.


Finally, a weyline has its own nature. It can be dark, light or in between. The nature and purity of a weyline determines what type of magic is effectively cast there. Light magic struggles to be cast in dark weylines, and dark magic struggle to be cast in light weylines. The purity of a weyline also has a tangible effect on the environment. Magical smog, the smell of burnt rubber and an invisible sense of menace hangs over dark weylines, while light weylines encourage the growth of nature and boost its residents’ immune systems.

The psyche of people is also affected by their weyline. Dark weylines breed discontent and abuse. Light weylines encourage goodliness.

The purity of a weyline is initially affected by what type of magic is cast there. Dark magic darkens weylines. Light magic lightens weylines. But other things also affect purity.

Repeated acts of violence, poverty, suffering and abuse can darken a weyline. Even pollution, such as manmade smog and sewage, can darken a weyline.

On the other hand: nature, plant-life and the presence of good fae like pixies clean up weylines of darkness and bring them towards a neutral or even light-level of purity. Fae have become an important part of the magical ecosystem on Earth for this service but are hated by practitioners of dark magic as a result.

Conclusion (By Nicholas)

I hope this article has enriched your knowledge and experience of Post-Cataclysm Earth and the Kat Drummond Series. While I don’t feel this knowledge is required to understand or enjoy the series, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit more about this world. Maybe, in time, you’ll come to be an expert on wizardry as much as Pranish and Candace.