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Plans for 2023

My apologies for my relative absence in 2023! It’s been a rough few months for myself and my country and I haven’t been as...
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Shadow Realm Out Now!

The 15th and penultimate Kat Drummond Book is out now! Shadow Realm is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Shadow Realm Make sure to pick...
Urban Fantasy Around the World

Urban Fantasy Around the World: Nine Stellar UF Books

For only ONE week, you can pick up a variety of amazing urban fantasy novels for only 99c or even FREE. On top of...
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Warpmancer: Change of Plans

For those who have followed my blog posts and newsletters, you may have guessed that I’ve been having a tough year. At the beginning...
Warpmancer 4 book Banner

June 2022 Review: Loss and Changing Prices

June has been a tough month. I lost an old friend on the 7th. In case you missed my newsletter, my friend, Kairos Erasmus,...
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Cape Zero: Read My Early Work For Free

Back in 2014, I released a novella that I'd slowly been working on since 2012. The book proved to be wildly incomplete, rough and...
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March/April 2022 Update

Hey all Troopers and Crusaders! The fact that this update combines two months together and is late should be a sign that March and April...
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February 2022 Writing Update

February 2022 was a deceptively productive month for me, while not seeming like I got much done. While I didn't write or publish any...

2022: Writing, Warpmancer and the Katverse

2021 has been a hard year on all of us. Rather than being a respite from the events of 2020, in many parts of...

New Website!

It’s been a while since I graced the main part of my domain with content! Due to some bad advice, I received last year,...