Urban Fantasy Around the World

Urban Fantasy Around the World: Nine Stellar UF Books

For only ONE week, you can pick up a variety of amazing urban fantasy novels for only 99c or even FREE. On top of...
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Warpmancer: Change of Plans

For those who have followed my blog posts and newsletters, you may have guessed that I’ve been having a tough year. At the beginning...
Warpmancer 4 book Banner

June 2022 Review: Loss and Changing Prices

June has been a tough month. I lost an old friend on the 7th. In case you missed my newsletter, my friend, Kairos Erasmus,...
Table Mountain Cape Zero Image

Cape Zero: Read My Early Work For Free

Back in 2014, I released a novella that I'd slowly been working on since 2012. The book proved to be wildly incomplete, rough and...
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March/April 2022 Update

Hey all Troopers and Crusaders! The fact that this update combines two months together and is late should be a sign that March and April...
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February 2022 Writing Update

February 2022 was a deceptively productive month for me, while not seeming like I got much done. While I didn't write or publish any...

2022: Writing, Warpmancer and the Katverse

2021 has been a hard year on all of us. Rather than being a respite from the events of 2020, in many parts of...
The Last Light Textless Cover

New Website!

It’s been a while since I graced the main part of my domain with content! Due to some bad advice, I received last year,...
Hammond York and Mr Mittens Demonic Departure

June 2021 for Kat Drummond

May was a busy and stressful month for many reasons. I wasn't able to get as much writing done as I would have liked,...
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Fan Content: How to Contribute to the Katverse

There’s something beautiful about a series rising above that of just a collection of books by a single author. Star Wars, Warhammer, Harry Potter...