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Design a Monster for the Katverse


Do you have a vision for a monster that you’d like to see roam the streets of Post-Cataclysm Earth?

How about a ghoulish undead monstrosity that has overwhelmed its necromantic overlord and gone out to feed on the living? Or a blood-thirsty vampiric mutant devoted to feeding the Vampiric Ancients? Or a completely original monster!

Now, it’s your chance to play Frankenstein and bring your horrifying creature to life!

I want you to design a monster, creature, demon, vampire, fiend, or beast for the Katverse. Write about it, draw it, Photoshop it, use a 3D modelling tool. Anything.

The winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. And more than that, their monster will appear in a future Katverse novel.

How to Submit your Monster Design

Please email your submission to author@nicholaswoodesmith.com

Submissions must contain a text description of your monster, its background, abilities, and any other interesting details.

If you can, please also attach an image of the monster. This can be an illustration, royalty-free artwork, sketch, AI-generated art, Photoshopped, 3D design. Anything that shows the monster visually. Extra points for original creations.

You can also attach any supporting documents or resources that help to bring your monster to life.

Most of all, the monster must be your original idea, or at least an original adaption of an existing type of monster.

How to Win

The monster must be able to consistently fit in within the world of the Katverse. So, it must follow the rules set forth in the Katverse canon. Make sure you’re up to date with your Kat Drummond reading and lore!

Other than that, you are most likely to win if your monster is unique, interesting, and you sent a lot of details and good resources to help me envision your monster.

So, be creative, be terrifying, and have a lot of fun with this!

Deadline for Submissions: 31 October 2023