I’ve been unfortunately quiet on this blog for over a month now. But for good reason! I was writing and finishing Shadow Realm, the 15th and penultimate book in the Kat Drummond Series.

Yes, you read that right. Penultimate. Second last. The Kat Drummond Series is drawing to a close, leaving many readers distraught and ready to dedicate themselves to the dark arcana to “convince” me to continue the series.

But all good things must end. And since day one, I have been planning this end for Kat and her friends. An ultimate battle to finally decide the fate of Hope City, the world, and our beloved Last Light.

The name is currently classified but will be announced (alongside a cover reveal), on the day of Shadow Realm’s release (October 31st). On the topic of Shadow Realm, make sure to pre-order your copy and save $3 with a pre-order discount.

You can pre-order Shadow Realm here!

A lot of readers are really sad that the Kat Drummond Series is ending, but do not despair! For it may be the end of the Kat Drummond Series, but the Katverse is not dead yet.

What follows are some future planned series set in the Katverse!

The Cindy Giles Trilogy

Planned for full release throughout 2023, the Cindy Giles Trilogy is a prequel starring everyone’s favourite purifier and demon squasher.

The story will be set between 10-15 years before the start of the Kat Drummond Series, and outline Cindy’s rise as a purifier, monster hunter and influential player in Hope City’s magical world.

The Conrad Khoi Series

This will be written either after the Cindy Giles Trilogy or after a short standalone novel (see below). This story will thrust readers into 1991 and will be the first time the Cataclysm itself will be depicted on the page. It will also tell the story of Conrad Khoi, and how he became the monster hunting agent extraordinaire that he is today.

The Dreamwalker Series

This series will be set in the Katverse but be the first to involve a brand-new cast of characters (perhaps with some overlap and cameos). The series will star a Dreamwalker, who has the unique ability to traverse people’s dreams, and save them from all manner of living nightmares, sleep-obsessed demons, and even just latent psychological problems. She will also be accompanied by a snarky, talking cat. So, that’s always a bonus!

The Extermination Corps Series

A series depicting a Corpsman during the golden age of the organisation and into its decline. A dark monster hunting journey with more a military spin than the often loner, zany adventures of Kat.

Possible Standalones

Standalones don’t do too well, usually, but depending on finances and time, these are some standalones I would like to write in the future.

Sworn Enemies

A military urban fantasy depicting the brutal conflict between the CDF and the Impi. When a company of CDF troops are sent to resist an incursion of impi, they are caught in a demonic vortex. With nothing else to lose, the sworn enemies must become allies and face this evil together.

Bad Blood

A prequel set between Blood Hunter and Part-Time Monster Hunter, depicting Guy and Brett’s life in Hope City and their attempts to continue their crusade to eliminate vampires in a world of darkness and corruption.

Codename: Horatio

A disgraced detective takes the law into his own hands as he tracks down a death cult responsible for sacrificing his daughter in an effort to summon an eldritch being into the world.


As you can see, we’re far from exhausting the Katverse. Once I’m done with these series, I may even have more. And I might even return to Kat in a sequel series! You never know. I love the Katverse, and if it continues to be financially viable to write within the universe, I’ll keep it going forever and ever.

So, if you aren’t tired of Post-Cataclysm Earth, keep spreading the word! Keep reading. Keep enjoying.

Until next time…

The Hunt Continues!


  1. To. Be. Fair! i want all of it. Deeply. But i think i’m most excited for Cindy’s and Conrad’s stories. We know SO LITTLE about them and i crave to know MORE! (More Guy/Brett is also incredibly interesting… As is the snarky cat…… as is this dear Detective……. HMMMMM! i recant and change my answer to ALL again… oops!)