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Shadow Realm Out Now!


The 15th and penultimate Kat Drummond Book is out now! Shadow Realm is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm Cover Kat Drummond book 15

Make sure to pick up your copy here!

Pre-orderers and day one buyers get the book for only $3.99. The price will soon be going up to $6.99. So get it ASAP if you haven’t already.

Shadow Realm is the longest and most epic tale in the Katverse so far, topping out at over 110k words. It is a dark, action-packed and tumultuous odyssey that will see Kat Drummond faced with her biggest challenges yet.


Never make deals with demons or gods…

Trust me. I have. And they don’t tend to go too well.

I have been exiled from Hope City. Convenient timing, too, as I made a deal with Thor himself to go fight his war for him up north.

So, I’m headed to a war-torn Europe. Was about time for a vacation anyway.

But war isn’t a joke. And if I can have a shot at destroying the Conclave once and for all, I must take it.
Even if it takes me across two continents, and across the In Between…

My name is Kat Drummond. The Last Light. The Vessel.

A monster hunter.

Shadow Realm is the 15th book in the Kat Drummond Series, an action-packed urban fantasy series. Follow Kat as she pursues her sworn foes across Africa, the Mediterranean and into the bowels of a Europe consumed by magical warfare.
Don’t miss this penultimate chapter to this epic saga!


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