It’s been a long time, Crusaders! August and September have been chock-a-block. I’ve been hard at working writing Shadow Realm, book 15 of the Kat Drummond Series, and I am really excited for you to read it come the 31st of October!

Remember that you can pre-order the book for a discount here!

On September 1st, the Third Kat Drummond Collection was released and is available HERE.

Besides Shadow Realm, I’ve also been organising a really cool surprise for you all that will become available around the anniversary of Part-Time Monster Hunter’s release (25 October). Stay tuned!

We’ve been voting and discussing villain match-ups on the Kat’s Crusaders FB group. Through a brutal series of polls, we’ve narrowed the poll to the two ultimate villains of the Katverse: The Mentor and the Lich of Avathor.

Make sure to vote here for Kat’s biggest baddie!

Besides my fiction and non-fiction writing, I’m also moving into a new apartment!  I’ve been really busy and excited! I should be setup in the new HQ by the end of this week and will be able to focus again on writing.

Plans for the future

Now, onto business.

My book sales and income have taken a big dip and it is worrying. Facebook advertising used to work for me but has become incredibly unprofitable over the last while. So, I’m struggling to reach new readers.

At the end of the day, the best way to reach new readers is word of mouth. I’ve noticed how when even one or two readers recommend or discuss my book on Facebook groups like Fans of Urban Fantasy, I get a tonne of new sales. If you are on Facebook, please make sure to keep an eye out for people looking for recommendations and let them know about the Kat Drummond Series. It really is much appreciated!

For what I can control, I am going to be focusing my business around writing much more. I want to ideally release not only Shadow Realm this year, but also the 16th and final Kat Drummond book.

Next year, I want to release 4-6 books – all set in the Katverse. This will begin with the Cindy Giles Trilogy. I will then release a standalone military UF featuring the conflicts of the CDF and Impi. And, finally, begin work on the Conrad Khoi Series.

I am really excited to expand this universe for everyone to enjoy!

Until then…

The Hunt Continues!