Shadow Realm has been released and I hope you are enjoying Kat’s brutal trek across the world.

The end is in sight for our comrades. Not the final end of the Katverse, but an end to the Kat Drummond Series itself.

I am extremely excited to announce the, until now, classified title of the 16th and final Kat Drummond book, reveal its cover and announce its release date.

So, without further delay…

The final Kat Drummond book will be named The Titan Awakes, and will see Kat Drummond return to her home and face her enemies in a final clash to determine the fate of Hope City and the world.

The Titan Awakes Kat Drummond Book 16 Cover


The Titan Awakes will be be out in January 2023. Pre-orders will be up soon and will, of course, provide a hefty discount to loyal, early buyers.

Words can’t do justice for how happy I am to be writing and releasing this book. And my gratitude is an endless as the In Between at having you along for the journey.

All I can say is:

Thank you! Thank you for making this all possible. For being a Crusader fighting alongside Kat and her friends across the In Between and back. Thank you for the reviews, the support, the recommendations on social media, and for just being a fan. It means the multiverse to me!

After this book is done, there are plenty more projects happening in the Katverse. Just look at the sidebar for a full release schedule. The Cindy Giles Trilogy will be started and completed in 2023, with the Conrad Khoi beginning in the same year. And the entire Kat Drummond Series is currently being turned into audio for your enjoyment!

There is a lot to be excited about next year, and I’m so excited to have you along for the ride!

But until then…

The Hunt Continues!