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Kat is your normal university student in Hope City. Except that she has a ghost from another world living inside her head. For profit and because it is the right thing to do, Kat hunts the monsters of Hope City. But without magic or otherworldly powers, will she be able to survive the competitive world of monster hunting?


Vampires: Monsters of the Cataclysm

Vampires have existed in human lore for millennia before the arrival of the Vortex. Creatures of night, preying on humans and animals. Often, consuming...

April 2021 for Kat Drummond

March has been a busy month for Kat's Crusaders and the Katverse. I built this website, organised the community, started a YouTube channel and...
Magic Spark Weylines Runes

Magic of the Cataclysm: A Guide

Even before the Cataclysm, magic existed in all places. A spark of insight when writing an assignment, heroic feats by soldiers protecting their comrades,...
Blood Hunter Cover Textless

Blood Hunter Launch – April 2021

Vampires took everything from me… Now, all I have left is the path. My name is Guy Mgebe. The Empire was meant to protect us, but...
Adamastor The Titan Under the Mountain

Adamastor: The Titan Under the Mountain

“Even as I spoke, an immense shape Materialised in the night air, Grotesque and enormous stature With heavy jowls, and an unkempt beard Scowling from shrunken, hollow eyes Its...

The United States After the Cataclysm

When the Vortex opened in Siberia in 1991, it was almost a side-show to the other events happening in the world. For the United...

Katverse Sword Design Contest 2021 Results

Last month we announced the first Katverse art contest (Details here). The theme of this contest was to draw, illustrate paint or design a...
Zeus God

Gods and Legends of the Cataclysm

Throughout our history, we have recognised the existence of gods, from the Olympians of Ancient Greece, the Asgardians of Norse mythology and the countless...
Kat Drummond ToluLope Art

Fan Content: How to Contribute to the Katverse

There’s something beautiful about a series rising above that of just a collection of books by a single author. Star Wars, Warhammer, Harry Potter...