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Ever wanted a Kat Drummond Figurine?


Ever wanted a Kat Drummond figurine for your shelf or even gaming table? Well, a few years back I designed a bunch of Katverse characters using the awesome site HeroForge (Definitely check it out!).

I played around with the site, mostly. But I ended up ordering two STLs of Kat. One of her as a younger hunter, and another as the Last Light.

And now, I want you to have them! These STLs are free to download. If you have a 3D printer, you can print them yourself. Otherwise, you can take them to a professional 3D printer nearby.

If you get them printed, make sure to prime and paint them. You can use fan art and the book covers for inspiration.

Once you’ve printed and painted your Kat, make sure to take a picture and upload it to Facebook or Instagram. And make sure to tag me!

You can download the STLs for FREE below. Enjoy!

Kat the Monster Hunter

Kat the Last Light