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February 2022 Writing Update


February 2022 was a deceptively productive month for me, while not seeming like I got much done. While I didn’t write or publish any books, I did get a lot done. This post serves to list what I got up to in February and outline some difficulties that I need to overcome.

Part-Time Monster Hunter Audiobook

This February, I auditioned half a dozen narrators to find the voice for Kat Drummond. I found that voice in Suzanne T. Fortin, who produced a stellar sample and has agreed to narrate Part-Time Monster Hunter, and possibly the entire series.

You can listen to her audition sample here:

The Part-Time Monster Hunter Audiobook will be entering production in March and should be available for release in April or May. It will be available on Audible and many other major audio retailers.

Second Kat Drummond Collection

The first Kat Drummond Collection was a major success, with the Book 1-4 boxset attracting loads of new crusaders to the hunt. Now, finally, I am releasing books 5 – 8 into a subsequent boxset.

The box is available for pre-order and will be only $2.99 (dropped from $9.99) until the end of April.Second Kat Drummond Collection

Fall of Zona Nox Nears Completion

I finished re-writing and editing Fall of Zona Nox. It is now with the editor and many beta readers have already sent back their feedback. People are loving it and I’m so excited for it to go to the wider public later this year.

I confirmed the final sample of the proposed cover today and love it! Join us on my FB group to check it out.

Also, a big thanks to Miblart for producing the cover despite being in war-torn Ukraine. It is surely a testament to a people’s character that work does not stop just because there is a war.

I am very excited to keep working with Miblart for the entire series, and implore all my readers to research what is going on in Ukraine, send support if you can, and ensure that a free country does not fall to tyrannical invasion.

Open Urban Fantasy

With the help of some fellow urban fantasy authors, we created a Facebook group called Fans of Open Urban Fantasy. This is a group for fans of Open Urban Fantasy (OUF). OUF is a descriptor for any urban fantasy where the magic and the fantasy is out in the open. So, the opposite of hidden world.

This describe Kat Drummond and the Katverse brilliantly and I am now describing all my books on Amazon this way. Look out for books identifying as OUF so you can find the type of OUF that you adore!


Now, onto the bad stuff. February was not a decent financial month. I barely scraped by. And after taxes and transaction fees, I may even have made a loss.

The industry is getting harder while costs are going up. Facebook advertising used to be my go-to, but is becoming prohibitively expensive. Especially after the South African government adds 15% to all my expenses for VAT.

This was exacerbated by my PC breaking down and costing quite a bit to repair. But the repairs are done, so back to work!

In March, I’m going to be trying something else, but as it stands, it’s not looking good and I might have to try do some non-writing activities to make ends meet. But this does not mean I’m quitting! My deadlines are unchanged. I’m just going to be a bit stressed.

You can, of course, help me by promoting my books. Buy them as gifts for friends, suggest them to your book clubs, post your reviews on social media and in groups. All that really helps!

I am excited for March and everything that it brings, and will see you again soon!

Until then,

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