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Warpmancer 2024

November Update for Warpmancer & Katverse

I’ve been pretty silent on the blog here for – checks website – 80 days! Yeah, that’s not good. But the reasons are good....
The Titan Awakes textless

The Titan Awakes Book Trailer

Hope City faces annhilation. And only Kat Drummond can save it. Join Kat, Treth and all the Crusaders on their final conquest to save...
The Titan Awakes textless

Titan Awakes Pre-Order and Giveaway

The time has finally come! The Titan Awakes has an official pre-order date. On June 13th, the final Kat Drummond book will be hitting...
The Titan Awakes Cover Textless

The Titan Awakes: The Final Kat Drummond Book

Shadow Realm has been released and I hope you are enjoying Kat's brutal trek across the world. The end is in sight for our comrades....
Katverse banner

The Future of the Katverse

I’ve been unfortunately quiet on this blog for over a month now. But for good reason! I was writing and finishing Shadow Realm, the...
Shadow Realm Cover Textless

August and September in the Katverse

It’s been a long time, Crusaders! August and September have been chock-a-block. I’ve been hard at working writing Shadow Realm, book 15 of the...

Kat Drummond: Third Collection and Shadow Realm Pre-Order

With the suspension of Warpmancer releases for the year after Conquest of the Defiant and Children of Empire are released (which have been expedited...
Warpmancer 4 book Banner

Warpmancer: Change of Plans

For those who have followed my blog posts and newsletters, you may have guessed that I’ve been having a tough year. At the beginning...
Post-Cataclysm Map Stylised

Map of the Post-Cataclysm

While the events of the Kat Drummond Series are centered around Hope City and Southern Africa, there is an entire world that formed after...
Suzanne T. Fortin and Nicholas Woode-Smith Audiobook banner

Interview with the Voice of Kat Drummond

Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to the upcoming audiobook of Part-Time Monster Hunter. I loved it! Not just because it's my story,...