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March/April 2022 Update


Hey all Troopers and Crusaders!

The fact that this update combines two months together and is late should be a sign that March and April have been busy months! But busy can be good. And in this case, it has been.

Throughout March and April, I’ve been busy re-writing and editing the Warpmancer Saga reboot for you glorious Troopers of Terra, while also running a promotion for the first Kat Drummond Collection (books 1-4) and releasing the second collection (books 5-8).

That means until the end of April, you can start the Kat Drummond Series for less than $4! Tell your friends who aren’t yet Crusaders.

In terms of Warpmancer, I’ve finished re-writing what will be books 1 – 3. This translates to books 1 – 8 of the original release of the series. Yes, you will be getting more book for your buck with the Warpmancer Saga – and that’s before the boxset release!

I am now re-writing what was book 9 and will be half (yes, just half!) of book 4 of the new saga.

Honestly, I am feeling a bit worried about finishing the re-writes, because then it will be back to writing brand new content. It has been months since I wrote fiction, and it has been years since I last wrote brand new Warpmancer content.

But alongside my worry is also excitement! And I hope you’re excited too!

Warpmancer Updates

The first four Warpmancer Saga books are available for pre-order on Amazon!

If you would like to read Fall of Zona Nox for free, I also have a review edition available for free. I just ask that if you enjoy the book that you leave a review and help me promote it online!

You can get the free review copy of Fall of Zona Nox here.

Katverse Updates

As mentioned in the intro, I’ve been spending a lot of time promoting the Kat Drummond Series to new readers. In the February update, I mentioned how Facebook advertising had become so expensive that it was causing me to make a loss. But I still need to spread the Crusade somehow.

So, throughout April, I’ve been selling the Kat Drummond boxset (1-4) for only 99c. It got promoted on a bunch of email lists, including the legendary Bookbub.

Previous promotions have been better, but I did still make a tidy profit and hopefully introduced the books to many new Crusaders!

If you are one of those new Crusaders, welcome to the hunt! We’re so glad to have you.

I also released the 2nd boxset, which got a lot of interest right out of the gate. In fact, it is my most pre-ordered book. Ever! Which shows that there must be a lot of Crusaders who only read in bulk.

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – just because we’re fellow monster hunters.

I will be releasing more Kat Drummond boxes. And I’m gonna tell you what they’re gonna contain right now:

  • Third Collection (9, 10, Blood Hunter, 11)
  • Fourth Collection (12, 13, 14, Werewolves & Wizardry)

The boxes will be a great way to read the side novels (which I consider essential reading) and will be available soon!


I am doing a lot of freelance writing on the side to supplement my income, so that is slowing down my fiction work, but I am still chugging along. May should see the run up to the release of the Part-Time Monster Hunter audiobook, and June is the start of the month-by-month release of the Warpmancer Saga.

Look forward to it! I know I am.

Until next time,

The Hunt Continues


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