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The Future of Warpmancer


My writing journey began in 2009 when I began writing a little sci-fi book called Fall of Zona Nox. This little book, written in my free time after school, eventually exploded into a 150k word novel. After substantial rewrites, editing and several sequels – Fall of Zona Nox became the Warpmancer Series, and started my publishing career in earnest in 2018.

Many readers fell in love with the Warpmancer Series and its gritty portrayal of the 36th century. With every sequel, my writing skills grew, and the universe expanded.

Edal by ToluLope Adeojo

But, despite this, Warpmancer had flaws. I didn’t know what I was doing when I just started out, choosing weird covers and misunderstanding fundamental book branding and marketing principles.

This only really became apparent when I started publishing the Kat Drummond Series. After approaching the publication and writing of the Kat Drummond Series with more of a business mind-set, I realised how much money I could make from this little gig. It was far more than what Warpmancer ever made for me.

With this discovery, many authors would abandon Warpmancer as an early, failed project. Perhaps, I should. But I believe in Warpmancer. And most importantly, I made a promise. A promise to finish this series properly.

I will be finishing the Warpmancer Series. But more than that, I will be rebranding it and restructuring the entire series to ensure that the Warpmancer Series gets the attention that it deserves.

My Plans for Warpmancer

You may have noticed that the entire Warpmancer Series, excluding the short stories, have been unpublished from Amazon. This is so I can get a fresh slate for a re-release. A fresh start. Because Warpmancer deserves better than what I was able to give it when I first started.

I have been doing market research, gauging interest and learning for the years since I began publishing and will be using these lessons to ensure Warpmancer’s success.

Thus, over 2022, I will be re-reading, re-writing and re-branding the Warpmancer Series, before releasing the final segments of the story.

But what form will this take?

The series will be restructured as such:

  1. Fall of Zona Nox (Books 1 to 3)
  2. Rise of the Defiant (Books 4 – 5)
  3. Children of Empire (Books 6 – 8)
  4. Conquest of the Defiant (Book 9 + 50k+ words worth of new content)
  5. Fall of Terra
  6. The Promised End

As you can see, the new format for the books is that bulkier, longer books are better! No more novellas and short little episodic novels. Every novel of the new Warpmancer Series will be an epic in their own right, with a satisfying ending that doesn’t rely on cheap cliff hangers to lead you into the next episode.

I will also be providing every novel with a new cover that has a consistent style and reflects the contents of the book.

When will this be happening?

I will be spending the first half of the year re-reading, re-writing and writing. The re-release of Fall of Zona Nox is slated for the first week of June 2022, with a new novel being released every month afterwards – culminating in The Promised End (fitting title!) in November.

Pre-Orders should go up soon and will be posted on this blog. With the run-up this year, we should have plenty of time to get new and old readers alike hyped!

What can Warpmancer Readers do?

Concept Art of a Trooper by Tolulope Adeojo.

If you are already a fan of Warpmancer, then there’s a lot you can do to ensure this re-launch is a success. Here are some ideas:

Join my ARC Team: I will be needing a lot of readers to post early reviews of the books on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub and on social media. The more the merrier! APPLY TO JOIN HERE

Join the Warpmancer Vanguard: Join the Facebook and Telegram groups to meet other Warpmancer fans, discuss strategy and build the hype!

Create Content: Just because the series is not published yet doesn’t mean you can’t build hype. Create fan art, post it on social media, make memes, or even write fan fiction based on the older books. Let’s build a community!

Share the Short Stories: The short stories are still live and are a great way for people to discover the series. Let your friends know about your favourite Warpmancer short story and share the love!


There is a lot of work left to be done and this is only really the beginning. But I am already excited to re-release the older books and finish the series that started my writing journey. Most of all, however, I am excited to work with you, the reader, and ensure that this series becomes the best that it can be.