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It is the 36th century of the old Terran Calendar and humanity is spread across the stars. For many Earth is an obscure legend. A dead world, only of interest to ancient historians.

The humanity of the future is mainly concerned with galactic warfare with myriads of alien empires, the discovery of ancient mysteries and the taming of the enigmatic warp energy that infuses all things.

In this future is there a space for humanity among the stars and will we be able to fight for it?

Short Stories

Endbreach (Free download | YouTube | Amazon)

Gangs of Galis (Free Download | YouTube | Amazon)

Hive Mind (Free Download | Amazon)

Shipborn (Free Download | Amazon)

Reading Order

0.25 – Endbreach

0.5 – Gangs of Galis

1 – Fall of Zona Nox

1.5 – Shipborn

2 – Rise of the Defiant

2.5 – Hive Mind

3 – Children of Empire

4 – Conquest of the Defiant