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Warpmancer: Change of Plans


For those who have followed my blog posts and newsletters, you may have guessed that I’ve been having a tough year. At the beginning of the year, I excitedly announced a relaunch of my Warpmancer Series, and that I would be completing the sci-fi series.

I spent the majority of the year painstakingly re-writing, editing and ensuring the old series was as amazing as it could be. I sent it to just under 500 review readers, prepared a multitude of marketing campaigns, and got ready for the release of book 1.

The reasons for relaunching and continuing the series were:

  • I didn’t like the idea of leaving the series unfinished.
  • I wanted to make it marketable to justify finishing it.
  • There were a handful of readers excited for me to continue the series.

On the 7th of June, Fall of Zona Nox was released. On the day of release, a friend of mine passed away. Release festivities were put aside as I mourned my friend.

The release did not go as planned. The marketing campaigns didn’t pay off. Only 30 of the review readers came through and wrote a review. And I didn’t break-even.

By comparison, the release of Part-Time Monster Hunter in October 2019 earned over triple the amount that Fall of Zona Nox did in its first 30 days. This was when I had a smaller audience, less of a following, and fewer resources to advertise.

It didn’t go well. And this put a huge dampener on any excitement I may previously have had for the series.

But it gets worse.

I have written books as passion projects before. I understand that books aren’t always going to sell. I write because I enjoy this career. Otherwise, I’d probably just go into research and political analysis – which I already do on the side to pay some bills. I write fiction because I love it. The fact that it is my primary income is just a bonus.

But I have not enjoyed writing Warpmancer.

The cover for the planned 5th book of Warpmancer.
The cover for the planned 5th book of Warpmancer.

Warpmancer was my first series. It will always have a place in my heart as the series that got me into writing and publishing. But I simply don’t enjoy writing it anymore. Perhaps, it’s the genre. Perhaps, it’s because I just don’t feel that connection with the characters that I feel with Kat and her crusaders.

The truth is that while I connect with my urban fantasy, I no longer connect with my sci-fi.

I have been attempting to continue writing the Warpmancer Series for months. Forcing myself to write. The fact that it is making me barely any money while I am not enjoying writing it should be the double whammy that tells me that I need to let go.

I forced out the last few chapters of Conquest of the Defiant last night. I didn’t enjoy writing them, and I feel like I’m letting you all down. But I know that I cannot keep going like this.

Maybe, I might change my mind and complete Fall of Terra and The Promised End. But not for the foreseeable future.

The cover for the planned 6th book of Warpmancer.
The cover for the planned 6th book of Warpmancer.

For now, I must focus on what really gives me joy and what really contributes towards my brand and business as an author. My fantasy.

I will be re-reading The Last Light this week, and then proceeding to outline Shadow Realm (Book 15 of the Kat Drummond Series). And I hope to see you all on Kat’s journey as she braves the necro-wastes of Africa, the treacherous monster ridden seas of the Mediterranean, and the war torn hellscapes of Europe.

Until then…

The Hunt Continues

And Terra Protects.