“The basis of all Trooper power is that of security. The Troopers are not builders. They are not bureaucrats. They are soldiers. And like any enlightened military – they know better than intervening in the affairs of peace.” – High Protector Winston Mengel of Mars.

The Trooper Order is not only a military, but also serves as the government of Mars. For the affairs of peace, however, the High Command has ceded the peaceful running of Mars to the High Court of Mars and the Administration. The former runs the civilian functions of justice and conflict arbitration, while the latter utilises an array of AI and a few bureaucrats to maintain Mars’ few civilian public utilities, including major transport arteries and zoning. The rest of the affairs of peace are run by private enterprises and voluntary associations.

The Trooper Order itself is also divided into a number of bodies with their own structures and functions.

Concept design of a Trooper infantryman.

The Trooper Order

The core army of the Troopers bears the same name as the faction. It contains the armoured and infantry divisions of the military and is the most populated of the Trooper bodies.


An army marches on its stomach. Luckily, while past armies had to dedicate often twenty support staff to a single combatant, the Order-Logistics has managed to streamline the supply lines of the Trooper army, manufacturing and shipping equipment and supplies with the use of 36th century manufacturing technology.

The Order-Logistics blends with the Trooper Order and the Trooper Armada in that Trooper Engineers owe allegiance to both the Order and the Order-Logistics, and that the Armada is integral to defending logistics freighters. The Order-Logistics is the primary provisioner of the entire Order, running all the supply lines of the faction.

Trooper Armada

A space-age army needs space-age transportation. The Armada exists to ship troops between worlds and combat operations, as well as the use of combat vessels to wage space warfare and defend friendly space routes from pirates and the enemies of humanity. The Armada also maintains a network of space stations around the galaxy, many of which contain civilians. They act as de jure and de facto government of these space stations.

Diplomatic Corp

The Troopers seek to unite humanity to ensure survival and prosperity through cooperation. They also seek to maintain friendly relations with many alien races. To achieve this, the Troopers utilise the Diplomatic Corp to scout space for remnants of the human diaspora, make contact and cement relations. Diplomats are also used to ensure peace between willing alien races.

Concept design of a Trooper Officer.

Other Bodies

The Trooper Order is vast and highly decentralised. As such, many outfits, groups and other bodies have formed under the Trooper banner. Here are some examples:

  • The Red Sand Rangers: Founded on Zona Nox, the Red Sand Rangers are a crack-team of snipers and frontiersmen who have since become a legendary special operatives outfit that operates on the frontier of human space.
  • The Ganymede Auxiliary: The Ganymede Incident saw many non-humans fight alongside the Troopers, even forming their own outfit as a testament to their numbers.
  • Civilian governments: Despite the wishes of Trooper leaders, like Winston Mengel, many Troopers establish civilian governments on other worlds. An example of this would be the attempts at establishing a government in Galis City on Zona Nox and the domineering nature of Governor Dedelux on Nova Zarxa.
  • Zarxan Military Police: Governor Dedelux’s personal Trooper army.