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The Scandinavian League


Many gods of myth became trapped on Earth as freak rifts brought them here and the collapse of efficient riftmancy prevented them from coming home. Many tried to dominate Earth by force of arms. Some, like Anubis, succeeded. Others became depressed and went into hiding. But for Odin and Thor, trapped on Earth while their realms faced Ragnarok, they attempted to make the most of their new lot.

In 1996, after liberating large portions of Norway of monsters, Odin ran for prime minister of Norway. He won, democratically, and started a reign so successful that only a god could be expected to have achieved it. While Europe was awash with monsters and warfare, Norway returned to its pre-Cataclysm peace. The boons of the Vortex were harnessed, and Norway became a champion of what a modern state should look like – embodying Norse virtues such as honour, tempered with modern notions of diplomacy and progress.

In 1997, Denmark held a referendum. The decision to merge with Norway was unanimously accepted. The Scandinavian League was born. Sweden followed. Then Finland. Followed by Iceland.

The Scandinavian League engaged in its first international drama in 2002, when territories held by the Russian Federation, including the populations of St Petersburg, insisted on joining the League, the military government of Russia refused. The army was sent into the protesting territories and there were civilian casualties.

Odin gave the Russian government an ultimatum:

“Allow your people to choose their own path. Or meet your ancestors in Valhalla.”

The Russian government were strictly Orthodox and didn’t acknowledge the existence of Valhalla, thinking Odin and Thor were just very convincing con-men who had duped the entire region. They were mistaken.

Thor, and his newly formed group of heroes called the Thunder Corps, infiltrated Russian borders and made it into Moscow, where they abducted the President of the Federation. Showing the effectiveness of such a surgical team, and having the leader of Russia in custody, the Russian government accepted Odin’s ultimatum.

Odin showed massive restraint in this border dispute but explained his reasoning. Russia, despite its immaturity, had an important role to play on Earth. It was the protector of the Vortex. And a Scandinavian invasion of the protector state would be as scandalous as a Catholic nation invading the Vatican.

In the decades that followed, the League has served as an important power broker in Europe, acting as peacekeepers and ensuring that the European states would finally settle down. Only in 2030 is this benevolent role in Europe been threatened. A coalition of European warlords and republics have reformed the Holy Roman Empire, and if the rumours are true, the cabal that runs it from the shadows could come to threaten even Odin himself.