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A Hope City Halloween

A Hope City Halloween!

Surprise! I've been working in secret these past few days to write a spook-tacular Halloween short story for you. A Hope City Halloween is...
Trials of Perebius Peddler

The Trials of Perebius Peddler

The following was a short story submission for a 2021 competition run by Free Private Cities. It didn't win but it came close. I...

Change: Tales of Chiid (Fantasy Short Story)

Featured Image Source This short story was written as a high school English assignment years ago. I still enjoy it. I hope you do too. Ash...

Pleasure and Pain (D&D Adventure)

Previous installment: Undercover A dark cloak concealed the drug dealer's boss. Only his white teeth could be seen, shining from underneath the seemingly enchanted cowl. “Gentlemen,...

Undercover (D&D Adventure)

Previous Installment: Only the desperate beg Kenshin stepped over a prone man as he entered the bellows. He was not sure that the dirty human...

Only the desperate beg (D&D Adventure)

Previous Installment: God is Dead Gold didn’t mean much to Kenshin. It was a means to an end. When he needed arrows, gold bought them. When...

Desk Jockeys and Pencil Pushers in Crestfire (D&D Adventure)

Previous installment: Crestfire “Please remain in the queue, foreigner,” the half-orc guard ordered, once again, as Kael tried to jump the queue. The line snaked...

Crestfire (D&D Adventure)

(Artwork by Darkcloud013) Previous installment: Diving in the Desolation The golden sandstone towers of Crestfire were revealed upon the horizon long before its pyramids. The monuments...

ID (Dystopian Short Story)

ID was written for a short story competition with the theme of life under a surveillance state. In the vein of 1984, I wrote...

Diving in the Desolation (D&D Adventure)

Previous installment: Songs of Desolation The group was still panting after the skirmish with the sirens. They had lost a crew member, but no one...