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The Titan Awakes Cover Textless

The Titan Awakes: The Final Kat Drummond Book

Shadow Realm has been released and I hope you are enjoying Kat's brutal trek across the world. The end is in sight for our comrades....
Shadow Realm Cover Textless

Shadow Realm Out Now!

The 15th and penultimate Kat Drummond Book is out now! Shadow Realm is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Shadow Realm Make sure to pick...
A Hope City Halloween

A Hope City Halloween!

Surprise! I've been working in secret these past few days to write a spook-tacular Halloween short story for you. A Hope City Halloween is...

Kat Drummond: Third Collection and Shadow Realm Pre-Order

With the suspension of Warpmancer releases for the year after Conquest of the Defiant and Children of Empire are released (which have been expedited...
Blood Hunter Cover Textless

Blood Hunter Launch – April 2021

Vampires took everything from me… Now, all I have left is the path. My name is Guy Mgebe. The Empire was meant to protect us, but...