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Institutions and Famine in Communist China and Postcolonial India

Historically, famine was thought to be a disaster of nature, damaging human creation. All we could do was weather the storm. Famine was seen...

Sen’s Approach to the Bengali Famine of 1943

This article came to my attention years later (2022) and successfully debunks Sen's methodology by refuting his statistics. Sen uses forecasts, not actual production...

Indian IT, the Bangalore Cluster and Catching Up

India was a latecomer to industrialisation but has since become a major economic power, notably in the ICT-related service industry. This essay will be...

Rudyard Kipling and Orientalism

Kipling (1865-1936) is often seen as an Orientalist writer, a branch of arts and literature condemned for its imitation of Eastern life in order...