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The United States After the Cataclysm

When the Vortex opened in Siberia in 1991, it was almost a side-show to the other events happening in the world. For the United...
Rift Forest Cataclysm

The Cataclysm: How it All Started

At first, the Vortex didn’t do much. On an otherwise uneventful day in 1991, as the once gargantuan Soviet Union was reaching its final...

The Scandinavian League

Many gods of myth became trapped on Earth as freak rifts brought them here and the collapse of efficient riftmancy prevented them from coming...
Silver Brotherhood Cover Textless

The Extermination Corps

In the shadow of the Cataclysm and the Empire, monsters ravaged the land. Entire cities were left defenseless as their police and military guardians...

The Goldfield Magocracy

The tale of Goldfield starts on the 18th of November 1993, after 156 protesters were killed by occupying Zulu Empire forces after protesting the...
Zulu Empire Flag

The Zulu Empire

An army of God under a red flag, bearing the symbol of a shield, a spear, and the flames of the divine right of...

Pastoral Genocide: An Evaluation of Adhikari’s Arguments

Mohamed Adhikari makes the case that settlers practicing pastoral farming had a unique predisposition to commit genocide on indigenous populations – specifically, indigenous hunter-gatherer...