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Shipborn Released

Shipborn has been released. Shipborn is the next installment in the Warpmancer Universe, my series of side-stories set in my expansive universe. Shipborn is a short-story, but is longer than Gangs of Galis. It follows Erryn Kolheim, a shipborn pilot, as she evades and takes on Pegg pirates.

I enjoyed writing this short story, as it allowed me to explore some aspects of my universe’s lore that I haven’t had the opportunity to present satisfactory yet. Primarily, the alien Pegg. These little grakos are seen as the scourge of space. While they are diminutive in size, they make up for it in ferocity. They’re at home in space, as their homeworld had very low gravity. On the other side, I was able to explore the concept of shipborn in more depth. Fall of Zona Nox only had Rob Starkin, and he wasn’t by any means a seasoned shipborn. He was merely born in space. It didn’t shape him. Erryn is different. She was molded by space. She is as much her ship as she is its pilot.

Finally, the story gave me the opportunity to expand on the role of Trooper Starfleet. The other books have been primarily set on the ground, so I haven’t had much opportunity to present humanity’s finest spacefaring power. Spoilers, though, Stafleet ain’t coming.

You can buy Shipborn for the low price of $0.99 on Amazon.

For less than the price of a coffee, enjoy this exhilarating space sci-fi, and an essential installment in the Warpmancer Universe.

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