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Plans for 2023


My apologies for my relative absence in 2023! It’s been a rough few months for myself and my country and I haven’t been as active as I should be when engaging with my wonderful readers.

For those who don’t know, South Africa has been experiencing increasingly long rolling blackouts since 2007. Over the last 2 years, they have gotten even worse, and promise to become even more severe in 2023. In fact, I’ve written extensively on the rolling blackouts and their causes in my capacity as a political analyst and historian.

Today, I am facing over 10 hours without electricity – much of it during work hours and again at night when I could otherwise catch up. This has slowed down my work tremendously. I am working on fixing my laptop so I can work during the blackouts but for now, I am not able to work during these times.

You may remember from my social media posts and newsletter in November that I also injured my wrist and was unable to write a lot at the time. My wrist is recovered now, but during that time, my release schedule and writing plans changed up a lot.

As I wasn’t able to write during that time, I began research for a non-fiction book (that I will be announcing officially soon). That is my primary focus at the moment as the topic is hypothetically time sensitive.

I will still be releasing the final Kat Drummond Book, The Titan Awakes, in 2023 but after finishing this non-fiction book first. I will then be writing and releasing The Cindy Giles Trilogy, which I hope to have completely released by the end of the year.

The Titan Awakes Kat Drummond Book 16 Cover

So, despite my silence and relative unproductivity, I want to work hard this year and want to deliver some amazing books for you to enjoy.

I am excited to announce my non-fiction book, and for you to finally read it.

Until next time!

Nicholas Woode-Smith