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Outcast of Empire (Devil Child Re-branded)

A late announcement, but better late than never. Devil Child, a side-series connected to the Warpmancer Universe, has been rebranded as Outcast of Empire, and is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Check out Outcast of Empire here


Who is she to defy an empire?

Re’lien, a young Edal girl on a frontier planet, is the Devil Child. She is the symbol of all that her society hates. She is a demon. A blight in the face of the holy Imperial Council.

This is what she has come to believe. That even the beatings are her due – until she is saved by a stranger.

Now, Re’lien knows there is more to life than being tortured. There is something greater out there, and she wants it. But can a young girl and a handful of rebels stand up against the greatest empire the galaxy has ever seen?

Why I re-branded.

I have re-branded Devil Child to Outcast of Empire for two reason:

  • The name, Devil Child, was confusing readers. Many were reading the book or choosing not to read it because they thought it was horror, paranormal or fantasy. The name was a mistake on my part as it didn’t take into account genre recognition. Outcast of Empire suggests the scale of the universe while also fitting into the planned title for the sequel: Daughter of Mars.
  • The cover was sub-par at best and not appropriate for the genre. Covers need to heavily suggest the genre of a given book. The previous cover was messy and suggested more a horror theme than a space opera. The new cover bears images that will make the genre of the book unmistakable.

Without further adieu, if you haven’t picked up your copy of the now named Outcast of Empire, then you can do so by clicking on the button below. Enjoy!

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