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New Website!


It’s been a while since I graced the main part of my domain with content! Due to some bad advice, I received last year, I separated my website into different subdomains. Because of this, 2/3 of my subdomains were neglected. Only the Kat’s Crusaders website received any sort of attention – as it is my primary project at the moment.

But for awhile now, I have noticed that neglecting the other sites and unnecessarily subdividing my different genres and activities was just giving me more work for fewer results.

So, I have consolidated my primary site, my non-fiction and the Kat’s Crusaders’ website into one!

What you see now is the result.

This site shall be the one-stop spot for all my writing – be it fantasy, sci-fi or non-fiction. You can find everything to do with the Kat Drummond Series, Warpmancer or my academic articles here.

I will also be using this site as a primary resource for release announcements, events and everything else to do with my writing. Check here first to learn anything about my writing plans, and to find lore and interesting content about my series.

I hope you enjoy the new site!

Look forward to increasingly more content in the near future.