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New Trooper Ranks and Structure

Concept Art of a Trooper by Tolulope Adeojo.

The Trooper Order’s Military (as distinguished from the Armada, Order-Logistics and Order-Administration) is loosely based off Earth ranks that have been heavily simplified and adjusted. Many administrative roles are no longer needed to be carried out by the likes of Staff Sergeants and Majors, so the Order has cut out these ranks and kept only what is necessary for a coherent chain of command.


High Protector: First among equals of the Council-Generals. Makes final decision when consensus cannot be achieved. Can be seen as the ruler of the Trooper Order.

Council-General: An almost peerless general tasked with directing the grand strategy of the Order, including the affairs of the Armada, Logistics and Order.

Planetary General: The highest ranking general and commanding officer on a planet.

General: Leads an army made up of 2-5 sections.

Force Commander: Leads a force of 2-5 divisions.

Colonel: Leads a division of 2-5 companies.

Captain: Leads a company of 3-5 platoons.

Lieutenant: Leads a platoon of 3-5 squads.

Strike Leader: Leads a strike team of 10-20 men. Answers to superior officers but not formally a part of any greater structure. Acts semi-independently.

Sergeant:  Leads a squad of 6-12 men.

Corporal: Leads a fireteam or section of 2-6 men.

Lance Corporal: Leads a patrol of 1-3 men.

Specialist: Specially trained personnel.

Private: Inducted Trooper.

Trainee/Recruit: Informally inducted Trooper.


Patrol: 1-3 infantry with regular equipment.

Fireteam: 2-4 infantry with 1 special equipment (sniper, heavy, engineering, close combat, demolitions).

Squad: 4-10 infantry. Can have a dedicated small transport. 2-5 special equipment.

Strike Team: 11-20 infantry with whatever equipment is needed for the particular mission.

Platoon: 12-50 personnel with multiple dedicated transport, 1-3 armoured support and respective special equipment per a squad. Also takes the place of a specialist corps, such as a dedicated Artillery platoon.

Company: 36-250 personnel with all respective perks of each body within, with extra possible access to a dedicated starship and 5-10 additional armoured support.

Division: 80-1250 personnel with an HQ. 10-25 additional armoured support.

Section: 160-6250 personnel with an optional flagship.  50-100 additional armoured support.

Army: 320-31250 personnel with Major Base HQ, flagship and 250-500 additional armoured support.

Planetary Group: Can contain any number of armies, ranging from 100 to 1 million personnel.

System Group: Can contain any number of planetary groups, population willing.

The Order: The current predicted headcount of Trooper combat personnel is sitting at approximately three billion and rising. They are divided into approximately fifteen thousand system groups and then into thirty thousand planetary groups.