While the events of the Kat Drummond Series are centered around Hope City and Southern Africa, there is an entire world that formed after the Cataclysm. This Post-Cataclysm world is defined by shifting borders and power structures, as magical warlords, gods and monsters war for supremacy.

I have put together and interactive map of many of the nations of the Cataclysm. This isn’t an exhaustive map and I am still adding to it.

YOU CAN VIEW THE MAP OF POST-CATACLYSM EARTH HEREPost-Cataclysm Earth MapThe World After The Cataclysm

The map has a lot of info about the state of the world after the Cataclysm. And there are plenty of articles on this website about the state of the Katverse. But here are some summaries for the quick reader on what’s going on in the Katverse in every region.


Southern Africa is dominated by an expansionist Zulu Empire, while the smaller states of Goldfield and Good Hope maintain their tenuous independence through magical might and cunning strategy.

Central Africa is a war torn conglomerate of necro-states and warlords vying for power in a borderline impenetrable desert.

While North Africa finds itself threatened by Anubis himself, and his syndicate of cultists and undead who have dominated the Nile River.

North America

The United States has been torn into disparate states, with four power blocs dominating the region. Deseret holds the western coast to Colorado. Texas has secured its dominance, taking territory from old Mexico and securing the loyalty of other states. The Coalition holds the line against Deseret. And the Thirteen States exist as a reminder of the USA of yore.

Canada faces a constant threat from the ghostly shroud, and has split into two formal states. The Dual-City State of Toronto and Ottawa and a now independent Quebec, defended by a clan of magical werewolves.

To the south, Mexico is reformed as a theocratic cartel state called Nuevo-Azteca. Cartels retain power with the aid of a death cult worshiping the ancient Aztec deities.


Europe has faced massive upheaval as a reformed Holy Roman Empire vies for power against a Scandinavian League led by Odin himself. All the states that remain independent are distracted by their own magical and monstrous distractions as war brews between these two new superpowers.

To the east, Russia exists as an untouchable international protectorate – pledged to guard the Vortex from intrusion.

South-East Asia

Japan has reformed into a traditional shogunate, shaped around the all consuming need to guard the island nation from the unceasing tide of demonic oni and yokai. China has split in two.

An imperial state under the Mandate of Heaven called the Middle Kingdom controls the bulk of the country, while the center has become dominated by the mischievous and powerful Monkey King.


Australia and New Zealand have become all but a single country, devoted to extinguishing the independence of the elvish New Sintar established on New Zealand’s northern island. But as the outback threaten the coastline of Australia with magical catastrophe, New Sintar may be able to hold on for just a bit longer.

Everywhere Else

There is much more to Post-Cataclysm Earth than mentioned here or pictured on the map. Much of the world has become stateless. Cities answer to their own local governments. And many have become anarchic societies with no ruler or rules.

But there are other parts of the world I haven’t covered yet. And I want you to let me know what region or country you’d like me to write about next.

Please let me know in the comments what part of the world you’re curious about, and I’ll fill in the map and maybe even write a lore article.

I’m looking forward to reading your requests!

Until next time,

The Hunt Continues!




  1. The world building is fabulous, Nicholas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so unique, thorough and with such a complete description of the whole world’s affairs and political situation. It’s definitely a 3D view.
    so easy to visualise. Bravissimo!

    Thank you so much, Nicholas!

  2. Love the map and the details attached to each country! I enjoyed reading the situations in each zone so much, it felt like I was reading a geography/history nonfiction book, it is so realistic.

    Love and Light 🧡🌟



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