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Kat Drummond: 2020 and 2021

2020 has been a hard year for the world and a hard year for me. It has seen economic strife, political unrest in my country of South Africa, debilitating unemployment and has put a huge strain on the mental and physical health of many people. But despite all this, I still managed to churn out a lot of Kat Drummond books.

This post is a year in review, and then a plan of how I aim to go forward for the next month and into 2021.

The Books

This year was the year of Kat Drummond. While books 1 – 5 were released in 2019, the majority of books and sales have been in 2020. This year, the following Kat Drummond books were published:

That’s 8 publications, all while the world covered in the shadows of economic collapse, war and pestilence. Not that bad, I think!


This was my best year of self-publishing ever. Both book 1 of Kat Drummond and the 1-4 book boxset have over 100 reviews each. The boxset was a great move and helped attract many new readers to the series.

I don’t think the boxset will remain as explosively successful as it was in its first two months, but it will always remain as a great gateway to the series.

Blood Hunter didn’t do as well as I would have liked. But I blame a non-optimal cover and the fact that apparently many readers think its book 1 for a new series and are waiting for a sequel that isn’t coming.

While not nearly at the level that I’d like, I have been ecstatic to see a lot more word of mouth marketing as readers share their love for Kat Drummond in Facebook groups and on Goodreads forums. I even saw some memes being produced and made some myself!

Overall, this has been a great year and I hope with some more marketing and community building, Kat Drummond will go into 2021 ready to slay titans!

Going Forward

So, what’s the plan for the rest of the year?

I am, honestly, knackered. I don’t plan on releasing a new novel this year. But I will be releasing another short story (about Duer the pixie) to my subscribers. Watch this space for news on how to download it.

The short story is almost ready. Which raises the question of what I’m going to do this year. Well, besides D&D, Dota 2 and a lot of EU4, I will be re-reading through the entire series. Perhaps, adding some more edits, but mostly to take notes. I plan on using these notes to not only inform book 12, but to create a substantive wiki for the Katverse.


2021 is going to be an exciting year for Kat Drummond!

With the establishment of the wiki, readers will be able to connect to the Katverse like never before, and I hope readers will help me with developing this project.

Books-wise: Book 12 will be the first project of 2021. I’m not giving a strict deadline yet but aim for Feb or March 2021.

On that topic, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments and reviews from readers thinking that Kat Drummond is done. It is not! I have outlined up to book 16 and the story can continue after that if I want it to. And besides that, I have planned two additional series in the Katverse. A trilogy starring Cindy Giles and a series of unspecified length about Conrad Khoi.

There’s plenty more Cataclysmic magic to go around!

And while you’re here, here’s the working titles for the books I plan to write next year:

  • Cursed Earth
  • Children of Blood
  • Crusaders of Light
  • Shadow Realm

For that last one, you’ll have to wait and see!

I’m very excited to go into 2021 with Kat Drummond and look forward to you joining me!

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