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June 2021 for Kat Drummond


May was a busy and stressful month for many reasons. I wasn’t able to get as much writing done as I would have liked, and the state of the global economy and digital markets have pushed me to pull back on my marketing. So, a slow month full of work with little reward. Well, that’s life! And it beats being chewed apart by zombies.

I finished Demonic Departure this month. It will be available soon as a part of an exclusive anthology of urban fantasy short stories. The anthology will be free, so make sure to subscribe to my mailing list to learn how to download it when it’s ready.

The Katverse Sword Design contest concluded, with the following piece winning 1st place:

I also released a Fan Content guide and finally finished the United States lore. And that brings me to my plans for June going forward…

June 2021

This June, I will be focusing on writing book 13, Children of Blood, and hope to have it ready for release in early July. I will then be moving immediately onto book 14, Last Light. After that, I will be taking a short break from the Katverse as I finish writing my sci-fi series, Warpmancer.

This month, I would like to start implementing Community Creation events, where fans produce fan art, fanfics or anything related to the Katverse to showcase to the community.

To participate in the Community Creation, join the Kat’s Crusaders FB group and once a month on the final Friday of every month we can post what Katverse stuff we’ve created in the group. This isn’t to stop you posting about your creations regularly, but this is to encourage a concentration of stuff on one day.

Here’s hoping for a productive and creative month!


  1. So, love the Katverse, did I mention that I love it? Anyway if you have mentioned this before and I missed it, I apologize. I know you said at the end of one of your books that you were a gamer. Is there a possibility of a Katverse tabletop rpg at any point in the near future? Not that I’m looking to load your plate with anything new, but yeah playing in the Katverse would be a blast.

    • Hey Chuck! I’ve been following your reviews and love them. Makes my day every time.

      I did actually start to develop a Katverse TTRPG as I love amateur game development. I got the core rules down and made quite a few of the classes. Did quite a bit of playtesting as well. There were problems of course. The dice system I was experimenting with was kinda meh and I’d like to swap it out for a gatekeeping dice system rather than a cumulative dice-pool. Which requires a substantial redesign. I’d also like to make classes broader and not as specific as I made them in this.

      The fundamental problem is developing all the individual statcards and all that. If someone was to help me with the system, I’d definitely be keen to keep developing it.

      I’ll email you a draft of the rules.