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If you are looking for some free fantasy and science fiction short stories, look no further! The following are a list of my short stories to date – all available for free if you sign up to my newsletter.

Just click on the title of the short-story you want to check out. And don’t just read one. All are up for grabs!

Soul Bound: The action-packed urban fantasy prequel to the Kat Drummond Series.

Shipborn: A thrilling sci-fi about a freighter pilot facing her worst enemy – Pegg pirates.

Gangs of Galis: A sci-fi crime thriller about a mob boss with a dream.

Hive Mind: A drone in a hive mind society develops sentience and is faced with the true nature of his species.

Endbreach: An alien on an immense warship attempts to accomplish the one thing his species dreams of – a glorious death.