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Crowdfunding Warpmancer Re-Release

I started writing the Warpmancer Series in 2009. Back then, the book was going to be called “The Trooper” and was going to be a stand-alone. As I approached finishing it in 2013, I realised that it needed to be a series. First, I called the planned series “The Terra War Saga”. Fortunately, I realised that was boring and renamed it to the Warpmancer Series, starting with Fall of Zona Nox. The series has drastically shifted since the completion of Fall of Zona Nox in 2013 and now I feel it is time for a reboot.

My recent releases, including Godkiller and my short stories, trump Fall of Zona Nox completely in writing quality and story complexity. This is to be expected. I wrote them in 2017, after a lot of improvement to my writing.

Fall of Zona Nox isn’t the worst indie sci-fi ever and it has positive reviews, but I can see by read-through rate to its sequel, Rise of the Defiant, that it is doing my series a profound disservice. Its inferior writing quality is putting off a lot of readers of the series and losing me an opportunity to make a career out of sci-fi.

So, I’m re-releasing Fall of Zona Nox into a trilogy of three books. This trilogy will be the first three books in the Warpmancer series and be nicknamed the Zona Nox Arc. They will be titled: Shadow, Trooper and Captain – representing James’ rise through the ranks. They will be immediately followed by a re-branded Rise of the Defiant, titled “Defiant”.

I want this trilogy to be as high quality as possible. I believe that the Warpmancer series is and can be a valuable addition to science fiction. I just need to perfect my first books as much as possible so that people will give the rest of the series a chance.

To do this, I need your help.

I need to hire a professional developmental editor to help me make Shadow as great as possible. To do this, I will need R10 600 (approx $900). To help me fund this endeavour, I have started a crowdfund.

You can check out the crowdfund here.

All help is much appreciated and contributors have the opportunity to get some great rewards – like having their names featured in the series.

Even if you can’t help with money, I am also in need of beta readers to help me improve the book, as well as a street team to help me share the book upon release. If you would like to help out in anyway, sign up to my mailing list for future instructions. You can sign up to my mailing list here.

I will be posting more about the re-release as they become relevant. Stay tuned!

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