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My articles on political science and philosophy. Some of the articles may no longer represent my current views and exist here as a record.

Offensive Realism and the rise of China

In his article, Mearsheimer (2006) argues that China’s attempts to gain power as a nation-state will spur the United States into action against them...

Should a state control the means of production?

The state should not control the means of production due to the innovation and efficiency that arises from private ownership (Shleifer, 1998:135), the necessity...

ICC and Africa: Costs and Benefits of Withdrawal

Introduction Background Costs and Benefits Analysis a) Benefits Sovereignty African Solutions to African problems III.     Reconciliation Neo-Colonialism African Union ...

Machiavelli’s The Prince Today

Machiavelli’s The Prince has risen to become one of history’s most controversial books. Its contents are, no doubt, seen as immoral to our modern...

Do states have permanent interests?

Everything is in flux. As Gartzke and Weisiger (2013) argue, change is constant, but it isn’t a constant (Gartzke & Weisiger, 2013: 2). The...

Common Causes of State Collapse in Africa

State collapse has been a prevalent and dangerous phenomenon throughout the world, but never so much as in Africa. This literature review will be...

Effects of Electoral Systems on the Influence of Radical Political Parties

An examination of the effects of electoral systems on the growth and influence of radical political parties can be used to predict the possible...

Comparing Leo Straus and Wendy Brown’s Political Philosophy

Leo Strauss and Wendy Brown both wrote on the topic of politics at vastly different times. Strauss wrote much earlier, publishing the article in...