Back in 2014, I released a novella that I’d slowly been working on since 2012. The book proved to be wildly incomplete, rough and unready. This is that book.

Cape Zero began as a group project to write a shared zombie apocalypse universe but developed into a single novella and an example of my early writing that hasn’t been smoothed over by constant re-writes, editing and critique (looking at you, Fall of Zona Nox!)

There are many problems with the book. I did write it in high school, after all! But I think it does serve as an interesting point of comparison between my early and later writing. Something to see how far I’ve come.

Now, you can read Cape Zero for free. To see how far I’ve come, to critique my younger self, or maybe to find a book that you may enjoy.

Cape Zero Cover


Here is the original blurb:

“When social recluse, Peter Swart, manages to survive an attack by an insane homeless man, he soon discovers that Cape Town is not going to be a good holiday spot for much longer.

In the wake of a failed government state of emergency, society crumbles in South Africa as a virus turns people into violent cannibals.

Within a day, the already compromised military collapses.

Cape Town becomes a dark zone.
Its residents are left for dead.

With chaos, anxiety and possible insanity – will Peter be able to survive the apocalypse or, worse yet, the necessity to live with other people?”

Please keep in mind that this is an incomplete series that I do not plan on returning to. I have developed a lot of my writing since then and while it may be fun to return to this series, I’d rather use my time on new projects.

I hope you enjoy!