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Rise: Warpmancer Book Four

Title: Rise: Warpmancer Book Four
Series: Warpmancer #4
Release Date: 2018

Zona Nox has fallen

But its people still need a home...

James and his comrades have escaped to the nearby planet of Nova Zarxa, alongside millions of refugees.

The newly dubbed Zonians wish for safety, but they find themselves unwelcome on this frozen world. Conflict is brewing between the locals and the refugees.

But much more is at stake. The Imperial Council wants Nova Zarxa, and they're on the move.

Will James' new found powers be enough to rally a defence or will Nova Zarxa fall like Zona Nox?

Find out in his fourth installment of the Warpmancer Series, a thrilling sci-fi series for fans of Warhammer 40k, Firefly and Star Wars.

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