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Blood Hunter Launch – April 2021


Vampires took everything from me…
Now, all I have left is the path.

My name is Guy Mgebe. The Empire was meant to protect us, but they left us at the mercy of vampires. They killed my family. They sacked my village.

They left me nothing.

Nothing but the Path.

To avenge my people, I will need to become so much more. I must forsake all that makes me weak. All that stands in the way of my purpose. Even if it means embracing a half-life…

I am Umzingeli wegazi. An outcast. A rogue. A killer.

A Blood Hunter.

Blood Hunter Cover Reveal

Blood Hunter Cover


A Blood Hunter on the Path

Long-time readers will recognise this book. Blood Hunter was originally released last year, during the slow apocalypse of lockdown and the pandemic (not Fae Flu). Due to a combination of budgetary restraints and pure fatigue, this amazing book didn’t get the attention it deserved at the time of release. But now that things have started to calm down and my cash became a bit freer, I have been able to re-release it with a bigger bang!

  • New cover!
  • New Blurb!
  • And a whole new community of Crusaders helping me to promote it to the world.

This new launch for Blood Hunter will be bigger than any of my launches before, as I am getting the community involved to help.

All readers will be able to compete for points towards being one of five Blood Hunters, a special title that will be listed in the Hall of Fame. The top scoring Blood Hunter will also receive a paperback of their choice from the Katverse (logistics willing!).

To score points, notify me on social media or by email whenever you do the following:

  • Share the book on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Promote appropriately to groups on Facebook.
  • Create content like memes, quotes from the book, lore analysis, fan art, video reviews…etc. (Depending on quality and effort, may earn more than 1 point)
  • Spread the word! Get your friends and family to buy copies.
  • Take a selfie while holding a paperback copy of the book, or your device with the cover showing.

Let’s make this release awesome!

Release Day

Blood Hunter will be released on the 20th of April 2021. It is already available for pre-order.

The contents of the book are generally the same, but with bonus lore about the Zulu Empire and, time willing, perhaps some more bonus content for returning readers.

On Release Day, I will be doing a LIVE stream on my YouTube channel . I will be answering questions, chatting to readers and reading an excerpt from the book. Look forward to it!