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Beyond the Katverse & Warpmancer: Upcoming New Series


I’ve been very busy over the past few months. If you follow me on social media or my newsletter, you’ll be all caught up. But just in case you don’t subscribe to any of my channels, or maybe missed the post, this blog post is for you.

The planned re-release of Warpmancer has been postponed indefinitely. Books 1 – 4 have all been released, and I wrote half of book 5. But the sales have been incredibly disappointing, leading me to make the hard decision to cease work on the book. If sales pick up in the future, I may return to the series once again. But until then, it is not economically viable for me to invest more time or money in this series.

My deepest apologies to all Warpmancer readers and fans. I wish that things could have worked out differently, but this is unfortunately just how this industry functions. I hope that Warpmancer becomes a sleeper hit in the future, allowing me to finally finish it.

Upcoming New Series

In good news, I have begun work on a brand-new series and universe. Beyond the Blood Veil is a vampire urban fantasy, starring a journalist named Kali Black who is pulled into the world of vampires and the supernatural after being turned by a mysterious sire.

Like the Katverse, it is set in Cape Town. Unlike the Katverse, magic and monsters are secret in this world, and Kali must navigate a complex world of vampires, secret police, werewolves and demons to survive.

I’m very excited for you to read this new series! If you’d like to become actively involved in the creation of this new series, make sure to join the official Facebook group.

I can’t wait to see you there!