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Silver Brotherhood Cover Textless

The Extermination Corps

In the shadow of the Cataclysm and the Empire, monsters ravaged the land. Entire cities were left defenseless as their police and military guardians...
Johannesburg Goldfield Magocracy

The Goldfield Magocracy

The tale of Goldfield starts on the 18th of November 1993, after 156 protesters were killed by occupying Zulu Empire forces after protesting the...
Pyramids Egypt Anubite Syndicate

Anubite Syndicate

While Odin was elected democratically to what became the Scandinavian League, and most of the Greek gods trapped on Earth have kept quiet, the...
Zulu Empire Flag

The Zulu Empire

An army of God under a red flag, bearing the symbol of a shield, a spear, and the flames of the divine right of...
Zeus God

Gods and Legends of the Cataclysm

Throughout our history, we have recognised the existence of gods, from the Olympians of Ancient Greece, the Asgardians of Norse mythology and the countless...
Table Mountain Hope City

State of Good Hope

The vast majority of the Kat Drummond series is set in the State of Good Hope, often seen as the last democracy in Southern...

What is Epic Modern Fantasy?

What if we didn’t need to travel to Hogwarts or Middle Earth? What if we could find fantasy on Earth, on every street corner...
Magic Spark Weylines Wizard

Spark: Magic of the Cataclysm

It started with a spark. Nobody knows where this spark came from. Sure, they know it comes from the Vortex – the colossal tower...
Adamastor The Titan Under the Mountain

Adamastor: The Titan Under the Mountain

“Even as I spoke, an immense shape Materialised in the night air, Grotesque and enormous stature With heavy jowls, and an unkempt beard Scowling from shrunken, hollow eyes Its...
Magic Weyline Wizard Cataclysm

Weylines: Magic of the Cataclysm

Magic flows through the world. Even before the Cataclysm, and before the Vortex sparked massive flows of magical energy on Earth, there existed a...