2021 has been a hard year on all of us. Rather than being a respite from the events of 2020, in many parts of the world it has just been a continuation of the slow apocalypse. But through thick and thin, the Kat Drummond Series and the Katverse has continued to grow. From a humble little urban fantasy series starting at the tail-end of 2019, to a behemoth now numbering at 14 primary novels, 3 short stories and 2 spin-off novels (once Werewolves & Wizardry drops on the 21st). But what does 2022 hold for my writing and publishing?

There are two more books planned for the primary Kat Drummond Series. The next is called Shadow Realm and will be following Kat directly after the end of book 14. The last book, name classified for now, will be following that. After I’m done with the main Kat Drummond Series, I have some plans for some other series set in the Katverse. Possibly, a Cindy Giles trilogy. So, look forward to that!

But, my little Crusaders, you will need to wait a bit for more Kat. I want Shadow Realm and the subsequent book to be the longest books in the series, so they’re already going to take a long time to write. But before I do that, it is time I go back and fulfill a promise to the readers who started my career in the first place.

Yep. I’m going to be completing the Warpmancer Series in 2022. This has been a long time coming. Originally, I want meant to write only 6 Kat Drummond books and then return to Warpmancer to finish it. But writing Kat became easier and more lucrative. Frankly, it blows my sci-fi out of the water on many levels.

BUT: I keep my promises. I’m not one of those authors who abandon series just because it doesn’t sell that well. That’s how you erode the social contact between readers and authors. When I start a series, I finish it.

Warpmancer in 2022

I plan to finish the Warpmancer Series in 2022. This will begin with me revising the series in the early part of the year, possibly doing some minor rewrites and then proceeding with finishing the series.

I plan to write four more novels, directly set after Conquest, book 9.

Currently, the working titles are:

  • 10 – Empire of the Defiant
  • 11 – Order of Terra
  • 12 – Fall of Terra
  • 13 – The Promised End (Apt name, isn’t it?)

Re-Working Warpmancer

Warpmancer has not been a successful series. At least, not compared to the Kat Drummond Series. But I would like to change this. To do so, I’m thinking of re-releasing it again once all the books are complete. A mass rapid release of all the current and new books, repackaged and renamed.

This should hopefully make the series more marketable.

If you are a Warpmancer fan, I’d love to hear from you. Are you excited for the sequels? What do you think about a rebrand? How would you rebrand it to do better?

Please let me know in the comments or by email!


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Until then, Terra protects!