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New Lore and World-Building Posts Eminent

For the benefit of my readers and for the interest of potential readers, I will be posting regular lore updates, articles and tidbits on this blog pertaining to the Warpmancer Universe. These articles will have the purpose of:

  • Explaining and presenting lore not present in the novels.
  • Illuminating on details from the books that may be confusing without context.
  • Providing bonus information for those interested.

While the information may only be initially of interest to current fans – it is my hope that potential readers may be interested by the expansiveness and creativity of the Warpmancer Universe.

To start off this series of articles, I will be posting details on the

history of Earth and how it led up to the events prior to Fall of Zona Nox.

Fan Art

In the meanwhile, check out this awesome artwork by artist Tolulope Adeojo, inspired by my short story, Gangs of Galis.


Stay tuned for future updates!

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