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The Pixie’s Power Out Now!

The Pixie’s Power, the 2nd short story in the Kat Drummond Universe and the 13th overall story is available now!

It has been awhile since Duer the Pixie was on his own world. And he has long since given up trying to get back.

But that doesn’t mean it’s become any easier to make a home for himself on Earth. But with his kinth by his side, a lot more seems possible.

That is, until a darkness from another time threatens Duer’s domain…

Pixies may be small, but they aren’t weak. And Duer is prepared to defend his new home. Whatever the risk.

The Pixie’s Power is a heart-felt, funny and contemplative short story from the perspective of everyone’s favourite pixie. This book is set during the events of book 11 and should be read afterwards.

The Pixie’s Power, Blurb

If you would like to read The Pixie’s Power, you can do so for free. At the end of The Silver Star (AVAILABLE HERE) there will be a link to the short story.

If you have already read The Silver Star and can’t find the link, try re-downloading your Kindle copy. Let me know if that doesn’t work!

Otherwise, you can also purchase a copy off Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P25762N

I hope you enjoy!

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