Do states have a Responsibility to Protect?

The debate over Humanitarian Intervention (henceforth: HI) pits two opposing sides against one another: those against it uphold the principle of Sovereignty, while those for it espouse its virtues with regards to morality and pragmatism (Hoffman, 2000: 152). HI is simply a process whereby external actors intervene in the domestic affairs of a state on […]

Common Causes of State Collapse in Africa Literature Review

State collapse has been a prevalent and dangerous phenomenon throughout the world, but never so much as in Africa. This literature review will be outlining theories revolving around the question of if there are common causes of state collapse in Africa. In examining common causes of state collapse in Africa, we can begin to understand […]

ICC and Africa: Costs and Benefits of Withdrawal

Introduction Background Costs and Benefits Analysis a) Benefits Sovereignty African Solutions to African problems III.     Reconciliation Neo-Colonialism African Union b) Costs Transnational judicial infrastructure Impunity and Atrocity III.     Legal Legitimacy Eliminating a Last Resort c) In Conclusion: Should African states withdraw? Conclusion References  Introduction What would be the costs and benefits, for African states, of […]