Eskom’s Implementation of the De Villiers Commission

Come 1984, Escom (Escom and Eskom will be used interchangeably) was flagging. In response to protests against the electricity monopoly, then president, PW Botha, appointed the De Villiers Commission of Inquiry to investigate solutions to the institutions problems.[1] This Commission had the fundamental purpose of restructuring the management of Escom to transform the institution into […]

An Austrian Approach to Escom-Eskom’s Downfall

This paper analyses the history of Escom/Eskom from its founding to the end of the 20th century, with the aim of establishing the key reasons why Eskom has become a failing parastatal. This paper ultimately found Escom/Eskom’s downfall to be inherent in its existence as a state company and its flawed price structure. Introduction As […]