Perceptions of Verdun

The Battle of Verdun was the single longest battle of the Western Front of the First World War (WW1), lasting from February 21st to December 16th of 1916. The battle has been cited as the primary motivator for the Battle of the Somme, which was started to relieve pressure on the French troops at Verdun.[1] […]

Imperial Fatigue and the Disruption of African Colonialism during WW1

Abstract Despite British and European colonialism only truly dissipating after World War 2, the Great War did see European colonialism and empire weaken dramatically on the African continent. This is due to a concept called Imperial fatigue, whereby the war cost the European belligerents in terms of the finances needed to maintain Empire and the […]

Effects of Electoral Systems on the Influence of Radical Political Parties

Abstract An examination of the effects of electoral systems on the growth and influence of radical political parties can be used to predict the possible success of radical parties within certain nations. Four case studies have been used with varying contexts: Britain, France, Israel and Greece. The study found non-weighted proportional representation to benefit smaller […]