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The Beginning

Hi there,

Welcome to my website. My name is Nicholas and I am a writer. I have been writing science fiction and non-fiction for almost a decade now, and have finally decided that my efforts may warrant a website.

Rest assured, this website is going to be more than just a self-promoting narcissistic pedestal. I hope to turn this site into a reservoir of information on the expansive universe of my books, and an entertaining blog for my readers. Some of my plans are as follows:

  • Record the actions of my periodic D&D adventures for the reader’s enjoyment.
  • Keep my fans updated on my writing, events and projects.
  • Post articles on science fiction and philosophy.
  • And much┬ámore…

Attached to this blog is already one of my more daunting projects. The world of my Warpmancer Series is too huge to be relegated to a simple glossary, and thus, I have created a site to compile and present all the information about it. Hopefully, I’ll succeed.

I look forward to writing for all of you, and keeping this website up to date alongside my writing on the Rational Standard.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Kind regards,

Nicholas Woode-Smith

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