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Fallism: One Year of Rational Commentary

Fallism sample copy
First sample copy of Fallism

The Rational Standard, a political commentary site centred on South African issues surrounding freedom and sound policy, will be publishing its first book in the coming weeks. Fallism: One Year of Rational Commentary is a compilation of articles from the website, addressing the ideology of fallism, the underlying theory to the protests that plagued South African universities for much of 2015 and 2016.

I co-edited the book alongside Martin van Staden and Nicolai Haussamer. Our articles, alongside many others by other talented authors, appear inside.

Here is the blurb:

“Despite South Africa’s troubled history and turbulent present, higher education in this country has been of a quality and standard which the rest of Africa could only hope to achieve within this century. International experts and intellectual pioneers have walked and currently walk the halls of South Africa’s universities, but with the radicalisation of campuses under the #FeesMustFall banner, this success story stands to be undone.

Fallism: One Year of Rational Commentary is an edited compilation of articles and essays written by contributors to the Rational Standard since the #RhodesMustFall movement sprung to life, through to the end of 2016, when #FeesMustFall managed to shut down most of South Africa’s premiere universities before the fourth quarter had truly begun. While it represents a diversity of views, the common thread throughout the text is an opposition to irrationality and the politicisation of higher education.”

The book is currently available as a PDF to subscribers of the Rational Standard. Subscription is completely free and can be done HERE.

In the next few weeks, we will be publishing the book in paperback. Students For Liberty has generously sponsored a print edition of the book in order to promote the ideas of liberty and reason in South Africa. As such, the book will be available for free at Students For Liberty and Rational Standard-affiliated events. Other interested readers can request to have the book mailed to them, but they will be expected to cover shipping costs.

A sample copy will be available for preview at the Students For Liberty event Leading for Liberty. I will be hosting the event alongside the UCT branch of African Students For Liberty. The event is a leadership forum where we will be discussing the importance of intellectualism in leadership and politics. If you are interested in the topic or seeing the sample, feel free to join us.

Details on the Leading for Liberty event

Location: 28 Devonshire Road Rondebosch, 7700, Cape Town

Date and Time: 4th of March, 12-16:30

Facebook page:

Entry is free and food will be provided.


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